Philly 2018

Music Department Trip 2018 

Philadelphia here we come!

Sample Itinerary

MMPA Fundraising Balance Transfer: To use your fundraising money, please fill out the following form. Thanks

MMPA Balance Transfer Form

Payment Info
Payment 1:
$315  Due October 25

Payment 2:
$295  Due January 22
Payment 3:
Remaining balance (Up to $275)  Due March 1
(This payment is where the $15 deposit comes out of)

General Payment Rules/Items
-Please stick to the dates as I need to have our payments in by a certain date in order to not face fees and extra charges
-You can always pay more than the amount due if you have it. Especially the first payment. This will help us stay ahead in case some people cannot meet deadlines.
-If you know you will not make a payment on time, please send me a message as soon as you know and realize this
-All payments must be Cash or Check, made out to MILLBURY HIGH SCHOOL. If it is in cash, please put it in a labeled envelope. I will write receipts for cash, but in general keep them in my receipt book. (99% of the receipts I write and give to students end up on my floor). If it is a check, please know that sometimes the checks will be cashed within a few days, but sometimes they may take weeks. I submit my deposits to Mrs. Bennett’s Secretary, and then she gets them to the bank when she can. Just be aware of this. If you are afraid of bouncing a check because dates, please pay with cash or a bank check. Unfortunately I cannot tell you/promise anything other than it could be a day, or it could be weeks so please plan accordingly with that information
-Fundraisers- Get involved and participate! We have had students pay for their entire trip through fundraising! You can do it too! Throughout the year we will do multiple fundraisers, not everything works for everyone, but hopefully you can find something for you! 
-MMPA Accounts- If you have money in your MMPA Account from previous years or current fundraisers, there will be a form for you to fill out to apply that money to your Philly Trip. This form will be located on my website and as a hard copy in the band room.