Music Technology

Music Technology

Google Classroom/Doctopus/Goobric

I have been working with students to record their assignments and give them personalized feed back. I use my website as a tool to post recordings, whether it be a Youtube Video, reference recording, or video/audio footage of a physical rehearsal/concert. For the 2016-2017 year I have become far more involved with Google Classroom.

Students have to respond to items often, and submit audio/videos of them performing music or certain tasks. I am able to use this to provide them with personalized feedback and help that I cannot do within the confines of the time period that I see them.

Because this is a relatively new item, students are graded more on completing the assignments than their actual work. It has been a struggle to get some of them to complete their work.

Here is a screen shot of how I use Google Classroom/Goobrics/Doctopus in this setting. I am able to listen/watch to each student quickly, grade them according to a rubric, and share feedback with them. This has opened up a whole new world for my teaching and has proven to be a huge tool. We have been through the process a few times now, and I believe the students are getting used to the process.

Next year the expectation will be to have an assignment completed each rotation through the school schedule, and have the grade be more dependent on student work.

Screenshot of database: This is what I see, and can use to track grades



 Here is a screen shot a sample of submitted student work. You can see the rubric, their work, and any comments I make to them. This has helped me to make significant progress in being able to offer feedback to each and every single one of my students.