Current References:
Jon Cunha-Business/Fine Arts Department Head
Mr. Cunha is the Business Department Head/Supervisor which I work with directly for our day to day functions/budget.

Letter from July 2017
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James Rollins- Music Educator
Mr. Rollins was responsible for hiring me eight years ago in Millbury. I have had the pleasure to work along side him, and have looked up to him as a mentor and friend during my career.

Letter from July 2017
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Tom Bresnahan- Assistant Principal/Evaluator 
Mr. Bresnahan was an administrator who I had the pleasure of working with in Millbury for several years. This past year he left Millbury, but while working for our district he was my evaluator so I had direct contact with him. He also was the administrator who traveled with us when I took our Music Department to Toronto in 2014, and New York in 2016.

Letter coming
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Even though these are dated, I do believe the following materials give an accurate representation of my abilities and qualities as a Music Educator.

Claire Murray- Parent
Mrs. Murray was an active parent in the Millbury Music Parents Association.  I have had the privilege to teach three of her sons in band/music throughout the course of 8 years while in Millbury. She continues to stay in touch, involved in our program, and keeps me informed on the wonderful things her boys are still doing.

Letter from 2014
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Past Observations
End of the year Summative 2013-2014 School Year from Administrator-
Thomas Bresnahan
Summative File

2014 Walk Through Observation
Observation File

Other Important Documents

Student Essay: Lions Club Speech
Nicole Wright Class of 2013
Student Speech

Letter from Retired Superintendent of Schools: Mr. David Roach to Dr. Rideout University of Massachusetts Amherst Music Education Department Head