New York Trip Part 3

New York Trip Part 3- The final 2 days!

On Sunday we headed to Six Flags New Jersey and started out the day by doing the Safari. After posing for pictures with giraffes, we hit the park for some fun. It was a hot and sunny day! We just barely got back to the hotel as our bus broke down multiple times while trying to get off the highway exit. Once we finally returned safely to the hotel we hit the pool and enjoyed some time relaxing.

The next morning we left for the city for the last time. When we got there we were greeted by our NYC Tour Guide who showed us all around the city. After the tour, we had lunch at Grand Central Station and then ventured out into Rockefeller Center. While there we were able to do some last minute shopping and sight seeing before doing an NBC Studio tour where we saw the sets from SNL and Dr. Oz along with much more.

It was a busy trip, but it most definitely filled us all with great memories that we won’t forget. And I can speak for myself, and probably many others, thank goodness we had vacation this week to recuperate!

New York Part 3

Final days in NYC

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